Free Transcription for Video & Audio Bloggers

Free Transcription for Video & Audio Bloggers

Video and audio blogging maybe hot marketing trends to day but unless those blogs are easily indexed by search engines and rank well on Google their effectiveness and usefulness are virtually lost on consumers.

Video has become an incredibly popular marketing medium in the last year and is expected to lead alongside mobile as we turn the corner into 2013. Besides being aesthetically pleasing the data definitely supports the reasoning for moving toward a focus on video and audio content.

ComScore reported 37.7 billion online videos were watched in August of this year alone. ViralTracker projects that video will account for 90% of all video traffic within 3 years and a Forrester Marketing Group survey showed that video complimented other forms of marketing by increasing response rates by as much as 200 to 300%.

However, brands and bloggers who have built their marketing almost exclusively around video and audio could be sabotaging their own efforts by overlooking some critical factors.

Still, perhaps most pressing for bloggers, brands and marketers is getting found on the web and topping search engine results. This is where comes in. By providing transcriptions these blogs are able to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) and rank higher on engines such as Google and Bing for their given keywords. This is a precursor to more web visitors and of course ultimately more paying customers.

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