Google Audio Transciption Software

As Google attempts to dominate in as many online market bases as possible, it certainly falls short when it comes to audio transcriptions. Like most audio transcription software products, Google Voice is far from perfect in converting audio files into text.

For starters, Google’s online audio transcript program is not multi-cultural. That is to say, it can not decipher between different human accents. Much of the heavily-accented voice files are transcribed incorrectly – resulting in poor text files and sometimes even embarrassment. In addition, the application cannot differentiate between vocals and background noise. Audio files that are littered with other voices/noises besides the main voice cannot be transcribed properly.

 Google had good intentions. Audio transcripts are essential features for hearing-impaired internet users. However, the question becomes whether a sloppy conversion is acceptable to the end user. Perhaps that would depend on the subject matter and content of the file; however, most people would expect accuracy.

 Using computerized applications similar to Google Voice for transcribing audio can prove to be more trouble than it is worth. Many users find that the need to edit the text files is necessary to ensure accuracy. Unfortunately, there is still no automated audio transcription software program that comes to competing with a human transcriber with skills in accent recognition, comprehension and the common sense required in transcribing audio files effectively and accurately.