Speech to Text Announces New Mobile Transcription App

One of the most popular transcription services on the web has announced the roll out of a new mobile app, arming professionals and businesses with a fast and accurate audio transcription service available around the clock from anywhere.
Having rocketed in popularity as one of the best audio transcription solutions over the last couple of years, Speech To Text has just launched a new mobile app enabling the ordering and delivery of transcription services to mobile devices anywhere on the planet 24 hours a day.
Senior executive for the company, Ernest D. says “Budget cuts and the need to reduce overhead has driven many high profile, established organizations to utilize outsourced, on demand transcription services. While at the same time entrepreneurs on the go can’t afford to allow themselves to lose momentum in a booming startup culture”.
This made unleashing a powerful new mobile app the next only logical step in enhancing SpeechtoTextService.com’s product.
With business booming and the service now has over 400 transcribers on staff, which are specialists in different fields and terminology for a superior level of transcription.
Speed and accuracy are among the top reasons past and existing clients say they love the service and have left rave reviews. However, where SpeechtoTextService.com appears to really stand out is offering a lightning fast 6 hour turnaround time on transcription services, while at the same rates many of its competitors charge for 24 hour or longer services.
With 24/7/365 staffing and the addition of the mobile app this provides organizations and entrepreneurs even faster service for transcribing their audio files to text, all with a 99% accuracy rate. Plus they receive access to industry specialist medical, legal and financial transcribers.
The new mobile app now available for the iPhone and Android offers a simple 4 step process; record, upload, pay and receive the transcription. Free cloud based storage also allows mobile professionals to receive, store and search for their audio and text transcripts anywhere at any time.
Perhaps even more important, yet commonly overlooked in the transcription field is Speech to Text’s privacy and security protocols which include careful vetting of individual transcribers, limiting access to and regularly purging customer data, encrypted online transactions and enhanced IT security measures.
Named among the company’s client list utilizing these transcription services are hospitals, universities and high profile investments houses as well as numerous independent professionals. To find out more about the firm and to download the free mobile app readers can visit them on the web at SpeechtoTextService.com.